Shackle Loop Fragment Physical Object

Accession Number
Creation Date
circa 1700
Consists of two pieces (see also: 1986.008.0159b). Ring with 30% of the loop.
Two U-shaped shackles fit over the ankles or wrists of the captives, too tightly to slip hands or feet through. Smaller loops at each shackle terminus slid over a long bolt. The bolt had a larger diameter head forged onto one end and a slot pierced into the other. The large head served as a stop to keep the loops from sliding over one end, and the same effect was achieved at the other by hammering an iron wedge tightly into the slot, locking the shackles, and thus the prisoners, to the bolt and to each other.


1.4 cm H x 3 cm W x 9.6 cm L , Item (Overall)

46.53 g Weight

9.6 x 3.0 x 1.4 cm.